About Affinity Organics®


Affinity Organics® is a UK-based luxury skincare brand specialising in bespoke organic cosmetic products. Our organic products are used as effective treatments for the face, skin, hair and body.

Everything we do at Affinity Organics is tailored to meet the highest expectation of luxury and sustainability that there can be - so that you get the best in aesthetic quality, but also the finest ingredients in your bathroom, skin and life.

Our products are for people that want and care about the best: from anything to their skin, to the environment and the impact their actions have on keeping this world a less polluted and fairer place. Since our ingredients are fair-trade organic, and sourced from the best and most beautiful regions around the world, you can be sure that with every product, you will have something to talk about.

We pride ourselves in using only the finest organic ingredients from around the world. Our products have been formulated and crafted through rigorous testing, giving you the finished products that have surprised and delighted our customers since their very first experience.