10 ridiculously simple ways to improve your skin


At some point in our lives, we'll probably see someone with great skin on TV or in a magazine, and wonder what it is exactly that they’re doing or using to make it look supple and healthy. Although that information isn’t always available to us, here are some simple things you can do right from the comfort of your own home to improve your skin right now and maximise that glowing, youthful look. These are the tips we all know, but often forget - so consider this your comprehensive refresher course!

1. Protect yourself from the sun

Sunglasses, wearing white, and using parasols are all great ways to deflect UV rays and it's always best to use as many methods of protection as you can when you're out and about in the sun.

2. Wear hats

You’re not always going to be able to be in the shade when you’re outside, (nor would you want to be when the sun is shining!) so when you’re not, a hat is the best option. It prevents your skin from sunburn and from being over-exposed to the sun’s powerful rays.

3. Use sunscreen

Even when it’s not sunny, and even if you have a darker skin tone, it’s important that you protect yourself from UV rays as much as you can, because being in the sun for extended periods of time without protection leads to leathery, unhappy skin.

4. Eat healthier

Clean eating and good skin rituals are a match made in heaven, and thanks to the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, eating healthy doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore. It isn’t limited to carrots and beans! You can rustle up great healthy meals in a matter of minutes nowadays so there's really no excuse for slacking on this one.

5. Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation reeks havoc on our skin, not to mention the rest of our body. Because it increases the stress hormone in our body, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to dark baggy eyes, premature wrinkles and other signs of ageing. So make sure you’re getting as close to 8 hours as you can per night, and avoid artificial light (from TV screens and other devices) for best results.

6. Don't smoke

It's sensible all round not to smoke, so if you are a smoker try to quit, and if you're not, don't start! Smoking is bad for your skin in general, but it can be particularly hard on your face. It could mean dry patchy skin, yellowing eyes, and gaunt cheeks to name a few. But worst of all, it depletes the natural Vitamin C that your body produces which means it becomes harder to your body to protect and repair your skin when needed.

7. Moisturise

As good as your body is at taking care of itself, it's good to give it a helping hand by moisturising regularly. It gives you that extra layer of protection against the seasons, prevents your skin from itching or feeling dry, and gives you a better surface to work with when applying makeup.

8. Always remove makeup before bed

We've all had times where removing our makeup before bed seems like such a chore and you just want to flake out, but in the long-term, making sure you do will have great benefits for your skin. Having a clean face helps the pores to breathe so you don't get any inconvenient breakouts.

9. Drink more water

Water is essential for your body in general, but when it comes to your skin specifically, staying hydrated improves the colour and texture. Since your skin cells regenerate themselves about every 27 days, increasing your water intake is a perfect way to improve your skin this month and onward.

10. Exercise

Exercising regularly increases blood flow and provides your cells with more oxygen, which contributes to glowing skin. When you sweat, it also helps to move the toxins and dirt from your pores out. Best of all: the more you work out, the better your immune system will be, so you'll spend less time getting sick and more time admiring your newly improved skin.

Now that you’ve got these ridiculously simple tips to improving your skin, try implementing a few today. It’s never too late to improve your skin care routine!

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