Author and Fashion Guru Susannah Constantine leads the praise for Affinity Organics on social media!

Delighted to see that our Affinity Organics Rose & Frankincense 100% Organic Facial Oil is being enjoyed by so many...including the wonderful Susannah Constantine!

Susannah Constantine is an "English fashion journalist, advisor, television presenter, author and designer. Her second book, co-written with her fashion partner Trinny Woodall, What Not to Wear, has won her a British Book Award and sold 670,000 copies."

She is known in the UK and around the world as a highly revered fashion guru and to her fans, her recommendations are gold. Here's what she had to say about our facial oil:

I’m not fooled by expensive beauty products. Flannel and water to clean. Rosehip oil to moisturise and @trinnywoodall for natural fabulous makeup. BUT.... this oil has changed my skin’s life. Smells of heaven too! Just wanted to share my secret with you.... @affinityorganics 💚

After trying our 100% organic Rose & Frankincense Facial Oil, Susannah was excited enough to share her bottle and thoughts on Instagram, creating an instant sensation and bringing many other of our facial oil fans into the conversation about how much they love it and how great it is for their skin. Some of our personal favourites include:

hannahjbettsIsn’t it bliss? The saintly @clemochka gave me a bottle.

clemochka@hannahjbetts@susannahconstantine truly. I’ve tried so many things but my skin is just so *happy* with this and it is good morning and evening - under foundation and for night time post cleansing. I try other things but always go back to this. So glad you both like it too 🌟🌟🌟

vabchsandyThank you for the referral, It’s headed over to me in the USA!! @affinityorganics

susannahconstantine@vabchsandy you won’t regret it!!

sarahyoung8155Ooh looking for a new oil . Thank you for recommending. X

Find the original post on Instagram here:

And you can find her articles for the Daily Mail here.

Photo of Susannah from The Mirror.

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