Social media influencer and travel blogger Maja Malnar praises our products to her 600,000 instagram followers!

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Maja Malnar is a multi-lingual fashion and travel blogger who worked as a backup dancer, singer and TV host over her career. She has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Born in Slovenia, she would move to Serbia, finish her studied in Madrid, Spain and even lived in Los Angeles, California for one year before settling in London, England.

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With an academic background of Economics Maja always followed her true passion for design and fashion internationally. She is multi-lingual (fluent in 5 languages) with a vast network of Fashion designer contacts, she fully understands fashion and luxury lifestyle and markets having worked on a variety of sectors within the fashion remit, namely within fashion Pr and fashion blogging around the world. As well as having enormous passion and attended various courses and workshops at FIDM in Los Angeles. Maja’s dedication to sports, health, beauty, fashion and psychology, as well as her spirituality and positive thinking/outlooking the world makes her an ambitious young spokeswomen who is striving for success.


Maja says:

“One of my favourite product I recently discovered: Affinity Organics - completely detoxifies and makes wonders to the skin! [sic].

Recently discovered the importance of detoxing the body and doing a weekly lymphatic drainage…but this products made everything even more effective! Writing a blog post about it this week so stay tuned…!


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