Why anti-wrinkle oils help young skin as well as old


Sometimes, it’s assumed that facial oils are only suitable for mature, dry, and dehydrated skin.

You learnt during your acne-ridden, oily skinned teenage years that oil is something to stay far away from; that it mustn’t come anywhere near your skin.

So now that facial oils are a top skincare trend, it’s probably going against all your teenage beliefs. Applying oil directly to your face? Seriously?

Yes... seriously! The evils of facial oils are just a myth. The benefits that oils can bring to younger skin, as well as mature, are impressive. In fact, they can actually help to tackle many of the skin issues those with younger skin might experience.

Facial oils can help to calm inflamed and acne prone skin

The right facial oil can transform even the most blemished, acne-prone skin types. While comedogenic oils (think mineral oils and synthetic oils) can certainly contribute to breakouts, a good quality facial oil shouldn’t contain these.

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory oils are especially good for acne prone skin. Affinity Organics Rose & Frankincense Facial Oil contains organic rose otto which helps to soothe and calm inflamed, blemished skin, as well as Frankincense to help heal and prevent acne scars after a breakout.

Facial oils can help to regulate oily skin types

When it comes to oily complexions, it might seem counterproductive to apply oils to your skin. In fact, you probably avoid oils like the plague. But oils can actually help to regulate the problem.

By giving your skin the moisture it needs, your oil glands won’t feel the need to overcompensate and produce excess sebum. That little bit of extra nourishment might be just what your skin needs to stop going into overdrive.

Facial oils are great for preventing premature aging

During your 20s and 30s, it’s good to be proactive about anti-aging. Research has shown that as early as your mid 20’s, your skin's structural proteins (collagen and elastin) start to decrease. These proteins are vital in keeping your skin firm, resilient and flexible - meaning it’s the right time to start looking after and nurturing your complexion.

Put simply, wrinkles are caused by dry or dehydrated skin which crinkles up and over time, develops lines in your skin. To tackle this, you should keep your skin as moisturised and nourished as possible - it’s easier for hydrated skin to stay taut and plump.

Facial oils are an essential step in your skin care routine to prevent premature wrinkles. Oils are able to stop dryness in its track and lock in moisture. They also bring the added benefit

of antioxidants, which are incredible at slowing down aging and neutralizing free radicals - which could otherwise lead to wrinkles, lines and dehydration.

Facial oils are for all ages, and all skin types. Whether you suffer with acne, dryness, or are concerned about aging skin, the benefits of oils are undeniable. Used over the long term, they can help keep your skin strong and healthy. It’s the essential step to bring you a radiant, youthful, clear complexion. What are you waiting for?